About Us

OTB Sports was founded by partners Bruno Paiva and Marcelo Goldfarb, professionals with extensive experience in career management. Through a global network of contacts, the company seeks to expand opportunities and ensure the success of its agents.

Football is a high-performance sport and the guarantee of good performance on the pitch starts long before the ball rolls. With that in mind, OTB is present at all times in the lives of its customers.

The career plan is carefully customized and the strategy is created individually, taking into account the professional characteristics and personal ambitions of each one.

OTB services are performed by a high performance team, which studies the market and seeks the best opportunities for its athletes, offering essential pillars for success: care, contacts and professional management.

In a segment as competitive as football, OTB Sports managed to gather a selection of superstars by offering services that go far beyond what exists in the market.

He won the respect and admiration of everyone, and reached success, as he was always very clear, contrary to the rule of the environment, that athletes are human beings with desires, dreams and needs, and as such they need to be treated.

The company is proud to say that it does not manage careers, but manages lives, and even more so in knowing that its customers and partners recognize this mission.

Driven by the desire for success and guided by ethical and transparent work, the company has gained credibility in the market, always placing itself beside the athlete and fighting for his interests, and for the truth, above all, and in any circumstance.