About Us


OTB Sports was founded in 2013 by partners Bruno Paiva and Marcelo Goldfarb, professionals with extensive experience in career management. Through a global network of contacts, the company seeks to expand opportunities and ensure the success of our clients.

The uniqueness of the OTB is based on a personalized treatment, with detailed analysis of data athlete or coach, which allows the company to define the best partner for each client. The company has a team of highly skilled professionals who work daily to customers to achieve the best professional achievements.

Our team also has a legal body grounded in deep knowledge of the law. The talents OTB Sports have personalized communication plan and monitored daily by the press office.

Participation in the daily lives of agencied is also an OTB Sports brand. We provide support for all issues, ranging from legal issues to the direction for health professionals and family support.

OTB Sports bases its activities on ethics, credibility and transparency. Respecting involved guiding the treatment of all our negotiations.

The work of a football professional is beyond the four lines and OTB Sports has the vision to position itself in the market as a branding management organization. Our mission is to represent a new experience in order to perform the role of career management.

foto seedorf otb

"The OTB Knows how to develop this work and how to stay on the market, attending all the expectations of the partners."
Clarence Seedorf